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MST (MainStreet Technologies, Inc.) is the pioneer of allowance software solutions for financial institutions and remains solely focused on supporting financial institutions in their most critical quarterly calculations with increasingly comprehensive and sophisticated automation and advisory services. Working with banks and credit unions across the U.S. and its territories, MST helps to determine and document their allowance under current U.S. GAAP and in their transition to the more exacting and complex calculations required by the new accounting standard, Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL).

Founded in 1999, MST was one of the first technology companies to focus on the Internet as a tool rather than a franchise. Our software solutions, advisory services, and exceptional customer service and technical support account for our ongoing growth and expansion of our offerings.

Adam Gray
Adam GrayDirector of Operations
Adam is responsible for operational excellence at MST. His extensive knowledge of data analysis and technology combined with his experience in a variety of industries helps him set strategy and lead the team.
Chris Emery
Chris EmeryDirector of Special Projects
Since 2004, Chris has been dedicated to the development of advanced technology solutions related to the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL) and now CECL. He works with institutions throughout the U.S. to automate and streamline their allowance methodologies for CECL, and presents regularly through webinars and at conferences.
Regan Camp
Regan CampManaging Director
Regan leads a team of subject matter experts who assist financial institutions nationwide in accurately interpreting and applying federal accounting guidance. He is a nationally recognized speaker, writer, thought leader and trusted advisor on the ALLL and CECL.
Russell Thomason
Russell ThomasonSenior Manager of Technical Support
Russell’s responsibilities include managing technical support and the tech support group for both MST financial institution clients, ensuring a superior level of accuracy and responsiveness.
Brandy B. Aycock
Brandy B. AycockSenior Marketing Manager
Brandy is responsible for maintaining consistency in the company brand through all its iterations. This includes marketing materials, such as whitepapers and webinars, blog posts and other messaging, as well as planning the annual MST National CECL Conference, the nation’s only conference dedicated to the allowance.
Natalie Crawford
Natalie CrawfordRelationship Manager
Natalie works with MST financial institution clients to maximize the benefits of automating their allowance processes with the MST Loan Loss Analyzer. Her role includes educating clients and prospective clients on MST solutions as well as on regulatory issues such as FASB’s CECL guidance.
David Crawford
David CrawfordSenior Manager of Implementation Team, PMP, CSM
David leads MST’s team of project managers who work with financial institutions of all asset sizes to implement MST software solutions. He is certified in multiple project management and change management methodologies.
Dusty Drake
Dusty DrakePrincipal Software Engineer
Dusty is responsible for the development and architecture of MST software solutions. He oversees a team of developers who assist in new development and code maintenance for MST’s software platform.
Ryan A. Avery
Ryan A. AverySenior Project Manager
Ryan leads and manages client project implementations, seeing that each client system is built and delivered per agreed upon specifications.
Zach Sisk
Zach SiskProject Manager II
Zach leads and manages client project implementations, seeing that each client system is built and delivered per agreed upon specifications.
Laura Anderson
Laura AndersonCustomer Success Manager
Laura is MST clients’ primary point of contact with the company. Her responsibilities include acting as client advocate, which involves managing client renewals, reporting outstanding issues, and resolving client issues accurately and expediently.

Why choose MST?

  • Specifically focused on the ALLL and CECL
  • Pioneer and Industry Leader
  • Commitment to education
  • Quality and experience of our technical support and customer service
  • Rapid response and development for new regulations
  • Overall value including total price
  • Expansive network of clients and industry experts
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