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Confessions of a Data Analyst

The implementation of CECL has been called the biggest change in financial institution accounting . . . ever. Under current U.S. GAAP, financial institutions account for losses based on historical events or incurred losses. Beginning in the first quarter of 2020, financial institutions must look at the past as well as the future over the full lifetime of a loan. […]

CECL Nears, Priorities Are Changing

As CECL nears, institutions must re-think their preparation processes.  Time marches on. And CECL lies in wait. And as the former grows shorter and the latter nearer, priorities are changing for the financial institutions that will be required to adhere to the new allowance accounting standard. […]

Do One Thing Well.

It might be the most famous quote of the founder and leader of the world’s biggest company. “Do not try to do everything. Do one thing well.” Steve Jobs didn’t invent the idea. It’s famously identified as a philosophy (Unix) and a Zen habit, and has long been a tenet of successful entrepreneurs. As Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg voiced it: “We just believe that an independent entrepreneur will always beat a division of a big company.” […]

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